12 03 2009

I’m curious if you have gotten those batteries changed yet? I am changing mine tonight. I double dog dare you to get yours changed tonight too.  I bet you can’t beat me.

Neener, neener.

I’m also wondering if you have thought about other items (besides smoke detectors) that would help keep you safer in the event of a fire?

How about a ladder?

First Alert Three Story, 24-Foot Escape Ladder

Maybe a fire extinguisher for the kitchen and/or garage?

Fire Extinguisher For Gasoline/Oil/Grease/Electrical Fires

What about a fire blanket for under a bed?

Fire Blanket

I have one of these and really need to get a couple more for the other bedrooms.

I should also look closely at the labels on my fire extinguishers. Don’t those things expire? It might be time to purchase new.





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