Hi, my name is Kathy Howe and I am the author of Kathfucious.

The idea for this blog has been stirring in my mind for years but I have always stuck to posting anything and everything to my personal blog Kazoofus. Near the start of 2009 I decided that it really did make sense to separate this from that and after way too much thinking and planning I decided to quit farting around and launch this damn thing.

What can you expect from Kathfucious? For starters you can expect my typical straight talk and maybe even a curse word or two. But that isn’t the real meat of this thing. The purpose of this site is to actually motivate and inspire people to get some of the ugly tasks in life done. I will review and promote products that I like here and I will tell you honestly if I am being paid for any of those reviews. I will remind you to change batteries in your smoke detectors and I will pimp you for an entire week until you actually DO IT. I will walk you through the tedious task of getting legal affairs in order, prompt you to purchasing gifts ahead of time and survey your progress along the way.

I will ask you to share your stories, expertise and lessons learned. I will provide you a space to share photos of your progress and I will encourage you to go easy on yourself because sometimes we are our very own worst critics. I will encourage you with as much yaay rah rah as I can muster and I will ask you to give yourself realistic deadlines as we go along.

Not everything that is posted here will be relevant to you but if you check in regularly enough I am sure I can find something that you ought to be doing.

If you would like me to consider reviewing a product, concept or article please email it to me at kathy.howe@gmail.com.

Kathfucious :: In constant pursuit of getting shit done and generally motivated to help others do the same.


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