It happens to the best of us.

17 03 2009

Every now and again we end up in a relationship that proves to be bad for us. This can be a romantic relationship, professional relationship or a friendship. It can even be a relationship with a family member that takes a turn for the worse.

Dealing with these soured relationships is not easy or fun but sometimes getting out of them is essential for our mental and physical well-being. So this weeks discussion is on ending bad relationships. Take the poll and share your thoughts on these relationships in the comments.



12 03 2009

I’m curious if you have gotten those batteries changed yet? I am changing mine tonight. I double dog dare you to get yours changed tonight too.  I bet you can’t beat me.

Neener, neener.

I’m also wondering if you have thought about other items (besides smoke detectors) that would help keep you safer in the event of a fire?

How about a ladder?

First Alert Three Story, 24-Foot Escape Ladder

Maybe a fire extinguisher for the kitchen and/or garage?

Fire Extinguisher For Gasoline/Oil/Grease/Electrical Fires

What about a fire blanket for under a bed?

Fire Blanket

I have one of these and really need to get a couple more for the other bedrooms.

I should also look closely at the labels on my fire extinguishers. Don’t those things expire? It might be time to purchase new.


All the cool kids are doing it.

11 03 2009

Voting in the poll that is.

Saving your ass is easier than you think.

10 03 2009

Over the past weekend we all moved our clocks forward an hour like good little daylight savings time soldiers. One of the things that is pounded into our heads when we spring ahead (or fall back for that matter) is the importance of changing the batteries in our smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.

In addition to changing your batteries there are other things you could and should be doing to keep your family safe in the event of a house fire.

Some suggestions from Captain Kathfucious:

  1. Ensure you have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in all the right places.  TEST THEM!
  2. Purchase fire blankets to store under beds.
  3. Put a ladder in the closet of all second floor rooms.  PRACTICE USING IT!
  4. Purchase fire extinguishers.  PRACTICE USING THEM!
  5. Practice your escape plan.

This week Kathfucious says: CHANGE THOSE BATTERIES!

What else are you going to do to keep you and yours safe in the event of a fire?

“Do not let planning get in the way of progress.”

10 03 2009

I have quoted that line probably a thousand times in my lifetime. I originally used it in a project management class that I taught in a previous life.

As humans we tend to be perfectionists and we often plan, plan, plan so much that the project of our dreams and the essential tasks of life never get anywhere.

We silly humans also like to procrastinate. Avoiding the unfun (is so a word) tasks in life is way easier than getting them done. Or so we think. Those tasks often haunt us daily and sometimes nightly. Getting them done is essential to stress-free living.

Even I, Kathy Howe, the person that coined the statement in this blog title, is guilty of doing exactly that from time to time.

Well no more.

This site is dedicated to helping me (and you!) stop planning and start doing the things in life that need to get done. Sometimes those things are not pretty, fun, sexy or appealing but they are important nonetheless.

I spent several years as a Professional Organizer and I have been a Project Manager for more years than I care to admit. I also spent a short period of time teaching classes on Charisma a few years ago. I am going to attempt to blend all of those skills to hopefully provide a website that is more of a kick in the ass than a presentation of information.

You can get information from thousands of resources. You KNOW what you need to be doing. This site is about being accountable for the tasks you need to get done.

Who is ready to do this with me?